Sunsilk Keratinology Heat Protector Spray

Frequent heat styling can damage your hair. I learned this the hard way. Think dull, dry, brittle and weakened hair that is very difficult to manage. So, it’s always good to use a heat protectant on your hair before treating your hair with heat, even if you’re only going to be using a hair dryer.

I recently got my hands on a bottle of Sunsilk Keratinology Heat Protector Spray, one of the products in the range of the Advanced Reconstruction Program. From the back of the bottle, the directions on how to use this spray is as follows:

“Use daily to protect hair against damage caused by heat styling. Apply to dry or damp hair. For optimum results use the complete range of Advanced Reconstruction Program.”

And yes, that’s exactly what I use this heat protector spray for! To protect my naturally curly hair against the damage caused by the hair dryer on the days that I’d like to blow dry and wear my hair straight. This product also claims to contain an advanced formulation with UV filter, besides including pico-nutrients and keratin complex which penetrate deeply into hair cortex to nourish and reconstruct hair.

What I like about this heat protector spray is that it has a very pleasant scent that is far from heavy. The spray nozzle is simple to handle and sprays a fine mist that easily covers a wide area of hair. Most importantly, after I’ve dried my hair straight, this product leaves my hair shiny, silky and soft.

Another feature that I like about this heat protector spray is its slim packaging. It also comes with a plastic “pin” that you can keep and use as a lock to secure the spray nozzle when the product is not in use. These characteristics make this product very convenient to carry along during travels.

When I want to wear my hair straight, I like to spray this product onto my damp hair in sections. Then, I gently comb my hair to help get the product evenly distributed. After that, I blow my hair straight with a hair dryer as I normally would. The ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun can be very damaging to hair so I also spray this product onto my hair on the days that I spend a lot of time under the sun. This way, the UV filter in this product will help to keep my hair safe from the sun’s harmful effects.

Conclusively, I’m loving this heat protector spray. Not only does it protect hair from heat and sun damage, it also promises to nourish and reconstruct hair. This product is also very affordable so I’ll certainly be purchasing it again. Go ahead, give it a go and tell me what you think. It’s definitely worth a try!


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